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I use to like watchersweb til all the *** happened. Anytime a girl cry's wolk ole Mudbutt will ban ya.

Its all ***. And the people in the rooms always takes the *** side. There are some good people that go there but most have left now because of all teh ***. And trust me..if you are a couple on your woman.

I was on there with mine and lost her to a cheating husband across the country and now she wishes she was back with me. She even had everyone helping here in the WW rooms because they believed every word that came out of her mouth....which was lies...but WW believed her also I got banned. My girl wanted me banned so she could continue to cheat behind my back...Moose and Lady Gill you both deserve each other...and to the people who believed them and didnt believe all are *** suckers....most know now that they were lied to....but thats ok...I think its funny...a *** and a jackoff fag got away with it and now they can have each other. Well for alittle while at least...I guess Ms Ladygill is cheating behind Moose's back now also ..lolol Glad I got the *** out of my life.

She cheated, lied and WW believed her and so did the *** people there. But I have to the ones that knew she was lieing and caught her lieing...they were the smart ones...Thank you WW can kiss my *** and hope they fold...which sounds like they will soon.

*** WW and Mudbutt you are the biggest fat *** fag I have ever saw. And Raven you are a old woman doll...get a life and no one is interested in yoru old wrinkled *** except Ray maybe....lolol ***'em all you loser ***.

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Bitter much? :roll
Ummm, I have seen some low down comments on occasion. I have also seen some low down photos that might have incited them.

I always keep my comments pleasant and I keep the old lady to myself. She sleeps with other guys on business trips and then brings sloppy seconds home to me. She calls me her clean up guy. Anywho, sometimes things go bad, heck, sometimes they go real bad!

But, there is a reason why your ex, ir your ex! I suggest you keep em that way! That's my philosophy.

Good luck with watchersweb and to those who lost a sl*t or a dude on here. The day we stop looking, is the day we die.

ciao :)

Flyman, Moose here. The reason why you lost your girlfriend is that you are a total control freak looser.

We had to get restraining orders in 4 different states againts you! Let the public be aware the kind of people you meet on the internet like Flyman and actually turn out to be a Real Life "Stalker". If you only knew how to treat a lady, you would never be in the position you are. SO take your pathetic piece of *** life and move on you *** loser.

Cry to your mother's tit.

Some day you have to stop sucking on it dude..after all what are ya...51 years old? What a pathetic waste of human life!

:cry shut the *** up crybaby, move on

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