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I disagree with the previous writer.Sounds like sour grapes.I have dealt with them for years and WOW they are exceptional .Great Service and Product We LOVE

The Company has a 24 hour 7 day a week service centre and i ask anyone to test it see how good it is. The site is adult related , but runs itself like an airline. Very VERY proffetional

My Advice is write directly to the owner, she is very helpful and will bend over backwards to help

Another great site is .Like they deal in adult material

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alabuck Nashville, Tennessee, United States #804073

I did email the "boss-lady," but, I still haven't received a response. Perhaps, your glowing remarks are because you're she?

Watchersweb Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India #605


alabuck to Watchersweb Nashville, Tennessee, United States #810103

As you can easily see from the posting above, Watchersweb personnel DO post the rebuttals.I guess someone forgot to change the name of whom was posting.

BTW, I was finally contacted by Raven.

She informed me that her administrator was a fine, upstanding person and that she stood behind his decision to ban me. I've still not been given an explanation for my being banned.

Now, even though I have a paid PREMIUM membership, with over 300 days remaining, I've discovered it's been "Put on Hold." I've just sent WW a request to open a ticket so as to clarify their actions.We'll see how this goes.

Tony O Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India #583

Im with u , Way to Go Watchersweb

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