They are not paying winmings, and when you open a ticket they do not reply

I was emailed by them saying that they do pay .. then I said you owe me wining from 4 and 5 months ago .... these are tickets numbers

To be met with abuse from their customer support and them being told I'm a fake and not to submit more!!!! I cant belive they can do this and then steal money .. or just not pay out

They also say ameatuer when I have seen many pics on other sites ,, so who are they kidding

I also spoke to another friend .. she also has not been paid money for over 5 months


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My husband is a good photographer. He has taken thousands of photos of me over the years.

We 'won' three contests and were not paid a dime after three requests for payment.

We left two years ago and have not been back.


*** , I get paid every month. You must be a fake !

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