Over the years as a member, I have never seen anyone banned without just cause. The ones who have been banned were cautioned about their actions on the boards and via private messenger, most of which was being abusive to other members, the owners and the staff.

The site clearly post rules that one must abide by and the ones who ignore the rules are removed which is the way it should be.

The 24/7 staff is always available to help with any problem and does an excellent job.

The site, by far, is the best of it's kind on the internet.

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Lake Forest, California, United States #1305081

The site is posting pictures that are clearly just taken from other sites. I have pointed this out to them on dozens of occasions, all they do is block the email address and even the ip address. They are unwilling to do the easiest of checks to see if the pictures are genuine or just pinched from other sites.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #827812

Shill much?


I was a member for two years. I thought it was great.

I posted a comment about a hot chick only to get an email from a police officer in the States asking me if I knew that the girl in the photo was under age.

I contacted WW and was basically told to F$%k off.For some reason WW admin could not figure out that I was being investigated by American police for veiwing child ***...I have not looked at the WW site since...they offer you no assurance that the people on their site are of a legal age. Looker and buyer beware!!!


Well I go to the free site but NO way i would pay to join. I noticed the web site is based in Australia and I can only assume over there they don't have free speech.

I saw where they stated if you left rude or unflattering comments they would be removed.

So as long as you are pumping sunshine up the ladies *** you are welcome, but when you tell the 350 pound woman that she is a pig you are banned. Yea lets keep it real LMAO

way too many fat *** chicks on it lets have more young hot brunettes and leave the fatties in the kitchen where they belong :eek

I posted above comment #7. I was wrong about watchersweb, and this is the wrong way to go about resolving differences. I apologize to The Watchersweb Admin for being an *** about it.


how do we know when someone has taken their pics off the board. i can't find bbbq wife. ( big breasted beauty queen wife )

Raven, if you are truly interested in improving your site, address the unfair treatment of me by your "Administrator". Instead, you hide behind those you've hired to "police" the site.

That is the MAIN reason I allowed my membership to lapse, despite your pleas/offers to joint and get a 2nd year free.

Why should I pay to be abused by your staff? :(

Watchersweb is a joke ! They sucker true amateurs to submit photos by offering thousands in cash prizes each month.

They let any *** with a computer to vote on the pics and that's how the winner is "supposedly" picked. But in reality they slip in photos themselves and then call them the winner. Yeah, sure, they let some winners in and pay somebody here and there , but it's not even close to the total amount they advertise.

Just look at the leaders board and past winners sometime. You'll figure it out.

:roll i think its great
Handley, West Virginia, United States #25045

I've seen nothing but good stuff from watchersweb.com. Having been a "paying" member off and on over the years they still have PLENTY of free stuff. It's a *** site so I'm not for sure why you're complaining about the "adult" content of the site.

Grapevine, Texas, United States #9574

I joined WW about 2 years ago, wrote in the forums, posted some pics.. had met some genuinely nice people.

When they decided to "improve" their site and it all fell apart! Consumers were OUTRIGHT IGNORED!!! Consumers were given certain privileges only to have them TAKEN AWAY with in a short amount of time, for no appearant reason other than "members SPAMMING other member's pages" What a load of crap! So really unless you PAY to have your picture posted, and PAY to post a comment on a persons page then you really have no place on WW.

After I became a non-paying member on there, I was treated like dirt. My questions directed at the NOT so friendly staff were blatantly ignored and swept under the rug. It's okay though, because I've found another site, and Raven, (yes I'm speaking directly at YOU) Mz V has more class in her pinky finger than you will EVER have!

You're washed up RAVEN!! Give it up!!!

Clute, Texas, United States #9415

Watchersweb has taken amateur exhibitionism back to the days of the dirty backroom. The exhibitionists post their pics for free, and are required to Pay exorbitant membership fees, just to be able to view the comments on their submissions. Raven and crew are nothing but a bunch of Pimps.

Caldwell, Texas, United States #9391

Then why do yall have an affilate program??? purpleheart aka Mz V

Blackwell, Oklahoma, United States #7494

the idiot above me is full of it .We have no affiliation with anyone !

Middlefield, Ohio, United States #7140

It's our sister site of Bulletinboardforum.com. If you want the original hardcore content, try our original site ...

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